Baradeesh Edit

A small, warm, savanna-like island. It is populated by many shrubs and fewer trees than is typical. The grass is tall and brown with a surprising number of wild animals. There is a tribe of Oread who worship the stone worm that lives within the island and send beings through the trial of the stone worm.

Coastline Edit

Littered with ship wreckage, corpses and rocks. Sandy, very little foliage. Crabs.


Roll 1d6
1-2 Nothing
3-4 1d3+2 Crabs -
1-2 Recover some lost items from the ship
3 Find a cache of useful supplies

Savanna Proper Edit

Sweeping plains, tall brown grass, many animals, few trees.


Roll 1d10
1-3 Encounter group of bandits - 2 - Dagger Fighter CR 1/2After encountering bandits: Nothing
4-5 Herd of Antelope
6-7 Group of hostile animals
1 1 Ostrich - Prefers to run -
2 1 Ram leading a herd of sheep (passive-aggressive)
3 1 Hyena
4 1 Cheetah - 1d100 - 1-79: laying around fatty, 80-100 hungry
8 1d2+1 Oread hunting party
9-10 Resources
1 Animal corpse (1d4+1 rations)
2 Medicinal herbs (1d4+2 health restore to one person)
3 Abandoned supplies from ship (something useful)

Savanna Hideout


There is a large abandoned complex where humans used as a base to research the stone worm. It is now inhabited by other prisoners who are out for themselves. The hideout is mostly empty now, but the rooms are big enough to accommodate many people and furnishings. They have not been here long, so it is still mostly empty but with various supplies from the shipwreck laying around. Occupants are not well armed. Rooms are dirty with debris.

Surprisingly well constructed from stone, one floor, somewhat large, lone building in the middle of the savanna, fenced in area in the back now overgrown (used to be garden).

Now all burned down and picked through

Oread Village Edit

On flat rock with caves carved out of it by the stone worm. Clay instruments, lots of pottery and gemstones. Center of the village is a large hole bored into the stone, about 20 feet down, this is the Trial of the Stone Worm. Believe that all men must undergo the Trial to prove their worth in the stone worm's proverbial eyes.

Trial Of The Rock Worm

A pit in the center of the Oread Village is a large hole bored into the rock that leads down into a series of winding tunnels that serve as a trial for people the Oread want to judge.

Rock Worm: