Irithil Edit

2nd island. Jungley themed with a patch of barren and rocky terrain where a second Oread tribe lived. The Trial of the Rock Worm has a tunnel between the two islands that connects the two Oread locations. The jungle is home to taller trees than normal and many peculiar creatures; full of life. This island is home to a dead religion revolving around many shrines to animal spirits. There was a conflict between the Oread and the original inhabitants with the Oread being driven into the tunnel and off the island. The tunnel is now guarded 24/7. What is left of the animal spirits has a very small amount of power to get the group to the next island if they accomplish a goal for it, or the inhabitants can grant them passage to the next island.

Goal: Party can either side with the animal spirits or the inhabitants. Should they side with the spirits, they will have to assist in rebuilding destroyed shrines and restoring control of the island to the nature spirits. If they side with the inhabitants, they will have to destroy all the shrines on the island and fight the spirits. Either way they have the opportunity to get passage to the next island.

Cave Entrance Edit

The cave that connects the two islands together is under constant supervision by guards from the settlement. They are always fearful of an Oread invasion and are seeking a permanent means of safety. The cave is only a short distance from the settlement, hence the guards.

Settlement Edit

The inhabitants of the island live here in a small village-like setup surrounded by low, wooden walls. They are under threat from the wilderness after destroying nature spirit shrines they found in the jungle.They haven't been living here for very long as they are the remnants from another prisoner ship that came through and were all of the same organization (religious order?).

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