Session Plan Edit

Prison ship: -Abducted by spooks in red or black hooded cloaks using saps. Thin and gangly, silent. -Storming, ship interior, hallway-like prison, somewhat clean, cells are metal barred. -Let players RP in their cells, show some other prisoners. -Sounds of combat, explosion, Ithreian agent throws keys to someone as the ship is sinking. -Ithreian ship sailing away, lifeboat of spooks sailing away. Island nearby.

Beach: -Supplies scattered around on beach, shipwreck stuff, rocks, some corpses, etc. Find a small amount of useful supplies initially. -Can search beach for supplies or move inland.

Savanna: -Sweeping plains, tall brown grass, many animals, few trees. Hideout is near center of island and is inhabited by other prisoners. -Can search island

Hideout: -Abandoned building, falling apart a little bit, some wreckage about, fenced in area overgrown garden. Signs of slight use. -Many supplies inside because prisoners gathering them.

Oread Village: -On flat rock with caves carved out of it by the stone worm. Clay instruments, lots of pottery and gemstones. Center of the village is a large hole bored into the stone, about 20 feet down, this is the Trial of the Stone Worm. Oread test randos to receive the gem from the Trial

Trial Of The Rock Worm: -Strange runes carved into the rock walls, odd pictures. Corpses and supplies around -Rock Worm lazily tries to eat people, does not speak much